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Wishes and regrets multiple choice exercise


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This exercise was made using the software materials available on the Makers website at Swarthmore.


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Wishes and regrets grammar notes - pdf file for download or printing



1  She failed most of her exams, and now she wishes she __________ harder.

would work
had worked


2  I had to get the bus to work every day. I wish I __________ a car.

have got
would have
had had


3  The weather's terrible today. I wish it __________ a bit warmer.

would be
had been


4  It really annoys me that you never do anything around the house! I wish you __________ from time to time.

wash up
washed up
would wash up
had washed up


5  I missed my English class yesterday because I went to the doctor's. I wish I __________ it.

don't miss
didn't miss
wouldn't miss
hadn't missed


6  The last bus always seems to leave early. I wish the driver __________ until the right time before leaving.

would wait
had waited


7  My sister will have to cancel her party next week. She wishes she __________ cancel it, but she's broken her leg.

doesn't have to
won't have to
didn't have to
wouldn't have to


8  We went to a new restaurant for lunch and I've been feeling sick all afternoon. I wish we __________ there.

didn't go
wouldn't go
hadn't gone


9  The two brothers are always fighting. Their mother wishes they __________.



10  I gave that man in the pub my phone number. I wish I __________.

didn't have


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