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About me

I'm a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (MCIL) and the Asociación Española de Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes (Asetrad). I've got the Diploma in Translation (DipTransIoLET - Level 7 EQF), also from the Institute of Linguists. I only translate into my own language, i.e. Spanish into English.

I specialise in academic translations: articles, research, doctoral theses, etc. I've been working for years with clients in various Spanish universities: University of Barcelona, Rovira i Virgili University, University of Valencia, of Alicante...

Recent translations

In recent years I've translated texts on the following subjects, among others:


Roman military camps
society collapse
the wine economy


sectoral externalities
symmetric and asymmetric prices
book-publishing districts
the impact of INTERREG
regional economic growth
knowledge and innovation
emerging economies


the role of teaching aids
collaborative learning
university drop-out rates
workplace learning

leadership models


the glass-making industry
asymmetric conflicts
the feminist awakening
technology transfer
industrial location factors
military history
nationalism in Catalonia


loss risk through fraud
the actuarial balance
pension reform


citizen priorities
the Dependence Act


social spending
the sense of being integrated
cultural clusters
the dynamics of social interaction
migratory processes
non-androcentric indicators
individualism and collectivism
social cohesion


cultural itineraries
the territorial dynamics of tourism
climate and tourist behaviour

Text correction

If you've already translated your text but need someone to check it through, I can help you. I don't just look for mistakes - I also make changes so that it sounds better, which is something that doesn't always happen with text correction. You might have a text that's grammatically perfect, but if it doesn't sound right...

I'm an expert when it comes to reviewing work that's been rejected for publication by specialist journals, at least as far as the English is concerned. I can't help you with the content, though I do tend to add comments when I see repetition or when something isn't clear.

The way I work

It doesn't matter if it's a translation or a correction, I carry on working until I'm satisfied with the text.

I almost always leave comments in the text. Sometimes I'll need an answer from the client, but in most cases it's to say that something's ambiguous, for example, and then I usually offer some choices when there are different ways to interpret what's written.

When I've done everything I can, I return the text to the client for them to read or to give me more information. If the client has a question, they can ask me anything they want. Between the two of us we can solve any problems, if there are any. At home I usually read the whole text out loud when I've finished the first version (because it's the best way of finding any mistakes), and then again when I go through it for the last time when I've got any information I might have asked for in the comments.

The work's finally finished when the client and I are both satisfied with it. It sounds like a long process when I describe it here, but it isn't. It would seem strange to me if no one wanted to ask any questions.

I don't use computer-assisted translation software. I prefer to consider each word every time it appears.


The normal price for translations is 0.11 € a word counted in the Spanish version, plus VAT. However, because I'm self-employed there's no VAT on original literary, scientific and artistic texts. This generally means that companies pay VAT and universities don't.

I charge 4 cents a word for checking texts, plus VAT as above.

If the text is a complicated mixture of Spanish and English and needs to be corrected and translated at the same time, it's usually easier to charge by the hour: 30.00 € plus VAT as above.


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