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Translations from Spanish to English


I'm a professional translator, a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (MCIL). I've got the Diploma in Translation (DipTransIoLET), also from the Institute of Linguists. I do translations from Spanish to English. I only translate into my own language.

My aim with translations is perfection, and the English versions read as if they'd been originally written in English.

Style is extremely important in written English. Translating a Spanish text straight into English can create a bad impression because our styles and customs are very different. The translator needs to understand absolutely everything in the original Spanish and then be able to express it perfectly in English. It sounds easy, but it isn't.

Another service I provide is text correction, which is especially useful for university students and researchers who need to check through anything they may have written in English for publication. I've been working with research papers for the University of Barcelona for several years now.

The normal price is 10 cents a word of the Spanish version, plus VAT.

However, being self-employed means that VAT doesn't have to be charged on original literary, scientific or artistic work. In general terms companies pay VAT and universities don't.

I charge 3 cents a word for text correction, also plus VAT as above.


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