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Reporting verbs gapfill exercise


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Use reporting verbs to fill in the gaps reporting the direct speech shown in red. Some of the gaps are for prepositions.

Click on the "c" button to check your answer. *Asterisks* will appear around the word or phrase if it is right. If it isn't right, the incorrect part of your answer will be replaced by lines. The number of lines corresponds to the number of letters AND spaces between words. 

In desperation you can click the 'show answers' button after the exercise.

This exercise was made using the software materials available on the Makers website at Swarthmore.


Links to other exercises and pdf files

Reporting verbs gapfill exercise - pdf file for download or printing
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Reporting verbs grammar notes - pdf file for download or printing



(1)  "It was your fault."
The cyclist the bus driver causing the accident.


(2)  "You caused it."
The cyclist the bus driver causing the accident.


(3)  "It's a really good idea. You'll meet lots of people."
New students are always to join social clubs when they first go to university.


(4)  "It's not true."
The politician having an affair with his research assistant – they were just working late.


(5)  "Why don't we go to Italy?"
I going to Italy for our holidays, but everyone else wanted to go to Portugal.


(6)  "Well done!"
Students generally each other passing their exams.


(7)  "We're getting engaged."
Christine and Harry at the party that they were getting engaged.


(8)  "You should see a solicitor."
The landlord of my neighbour's flat wanted to double the rent, so I her to see a solicitor.


(9)  "You won't see him alive again."
The kidnapper to kill their son if they informed the police.


(10)  "OK."
The union to call off the strike if safety measures were introduced.


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