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Phrasal verbs T-Z gapfill exercise


Scroll down for exercise.

All the sentences below have been taken from the list on the grammar notes page. See how many you can remember.

Fill in each blank by putting the correct verb into the gaps. Remember to use the right tense or verb form where necessary.

Click on the "c" button to check your answer. *Asterisks* will appear around the word if it is right. If it isn't right, the incorrect part of your answer will be replaced by lines. The number of lines corresponds to the number of letters. 

In desperation you can click the 'show answers' button after the exercise.

This exercise was made using the software materials available on the Makers website at Swarthmore.


Links to other exercises and pdf files

Phrasal verbs T-Z gapfill exercise - pdf file for download or printing
Phrasal verbs T-Z grammar notes - online
Phrasal verbs T-Z grammar notes - pdf file for download or printing




(1) The factory staff when they heard that the union representative had been disciplined for attending a meeting.


(2)  I'm afraid your application has been again.


(3)  Your secretary can the extra work until we find a permanent replacement.


(4)  Once we get the new machinery installed, the factory will be able to twice the number of cars it produces today.


(5)  When production was relocated to Manchester, the London branch was gradually .


(6)  The company can a short-term loan to pay for the new computer system, and then pay it back with the money saved by reducing the number of staff.


(7)  OK, I'll all your details and then your complaint can be passed to the relevant department.


(8)  The manager didn't the subject of staff reductions in the meeting with the union rep.


(9)  We'll have to the situation very carefully before we take any action.


(10)  We the company in 1996, and since then we have doubled profits.


(11)  I've read the instructions, but I still can't how this program works.


(12)  Your plan for cutting costs to be very successful, so we've decided to give you a bonus.


(13)  We'll need to extra staff over the summer to cover the people on holiday.


(14)  It's so hot in this office! Can't we the heating ?


(15)  Don't worry. It'll all OK.


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