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Phrasal verbs D-F gapfill exercise


Scroll down for exercise.

All the sentences below have been taken from the list on the grammar notes page. See how many you can remember.

Fill in each blank by putting the correct verb into the gaps. Remember to use the right tense or verb form where necessary.

Click on the "c" button to check your answer. *Asterisks* will appear around the word if it is right. If it isn't right, the incorrect part of your answer will be replaced by lines. The number of lines corresponds to the number of letters. 

In desperation you can click the 'show answers' button after the exercise.

This exercise was made using the software materials available on the Makers website at Swarthmore.


Links to other exercises and pdf files

Phrasal verbs D-F gapfill exercise - pdf file for download or printing
Phrasal verbs D-F grammar notes - online
Phrasal verbs D-F grammar notes - pdf file for download or printing



(1)  The presentation should only last for two hours, but they want me to it for three.


(2)  The plans we had to relocate the company because we couldn't get planning permission.


(3)  If you decide to buy the company, we can a contract within seven days.


(4)  Sales have ever since we introduced the new packaging. Nobody likes it.


(5)  I think we'll have to terminate his contract because he doesn't the other people in the office.


(6)  The profit margin has been much higher ever since the company its labour intensive production system.


(7)  She started in the company as a secretary. Who would have thought she would as the managing director?


(8)  Well, I'm busy on Monday and Tuesday, but I could you on Wednesday morning at about 11 o'clock.


(9)  We should the staff problems now before they get too serious.


(10)  You have to the fact that things have changed since you opened the company. You need to modernise.


(11)  Please the application form and return it to us as soon as possible.


(12)  The chairman's speech seemed to for ever. I had difficulty staying awake.


(13)  Did you know that the sales manager is being replaced? I've only just .


(14)  Our usual receptionist is on maternity leave at the moment, but one of the secretaries is for her.


(15)  The report the introduction of new technology.


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