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Level test


Before starting classes with me, all students who aren't absolute beginners have to take a test to find out how good their writing, speaking and listening skills are.

The test here isn't for my students - I need to mark their tests personally to find out each person's weaknesses, whereas these pages are marked automatically.

This test is for anyone who'd like to know their level. It's been designed to test up to approximately upper intermediate. It will only give a very general idea of a person's level because it's impossible to have a more complete idea without talking to them in person.

The test is divided into five sections corresponding more or less to beginner, elementary, lower intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate levels. This division isn't necessarily normal, but I've done it so that each page will open more quickly.

Questions 1-20
Questions 21-40
Questions 41-60
Questions 61-80
Questions 81-100

These pages of the test are outside this website, so a new window will open to enable you to come back to this page and follow the other links. Your answers are marked automatically.

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