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Conditionals gapfill exercise


Scroll down for exercise.

Fill in each blank by putting the verb in red into the correct tense. Do NOT use short forms in this exercise. 

Click on the "c" button to check your answer. *Asterisks* will appear around the word or phrase if it's right. If it's wrong, the incorrect letters will be replaced by lines. The number of lines corresponds to the correct number of letters AND spaces between words. 

In desperation you can click on the 'show answers' button after the exercise.

This exercise was made using the software materials available on the Makers website at Swarthmore.


Links to other exercises and pdf files

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Conditionals grammar notes - pdf file for download or printing



(1) I think you were very rude to her. If I be you I apologise.


(2) Sorry, she's not here at the moment. If I see her I tell her you're looking for her.


(3) If you do that again I kill you.


(4) She would never have come to Spain if her brother not be here.


(5) If you be in my situation, what do?


(6) If you not smoke so many cigarettes, you not cough so much.


(7) You would find it much easier to get up in the morning if you go to bed earlier.


(8) If she not find a job in that office, she not meet the man she finally married.


(9) Today's offer: if you buy two cheeseburgers, you get one free.


(10) If I not get up late I not miss the train, and if I not miss the train I not be late for work.


(11) If it start raining I not go to the beach this afternoon.


(12) We not be in this position now if you save your money instead of spending it.



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