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Ability multiple choice exercise


Scroll down for exercise.

Click on the button next to what you think is the correct answer. There may be more than one possibility. Feedback for your answers will appear after each question.

After doing this exercise you could try the gapfill version, which is more or less the same.

This exercise was made using the software materials available on the Makers website at Swarthmore.


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1   __________ speak a foreign language is always useful when you go abroad.

Be able to
Being able to
I can


2   I __________ touch my toes since I started drinking beer.

am not able to
haven't been able to


3   You must __________ swim if you want to come on the boating holiday with us.

be able to
to be able to
will be able to


4   There was a fire in his office but he __________ escape through a window.

could to
was able to


5   My grandfather was an excellent athlete. He __________ run a mile in just over four minutes.

was able to


6  The doctor says he will never __________ play tennis again after his accident.

be able to
to be able to


7   After his car crashed he was so confused that he __________ tell the police who he was or where he was going.

didn't could
wasn't able to


8   I live alone because I like __________ come and go as I please.

I can
to can
being able
to be able to


9  I had saved up enough money so I __________ gone on holiday, but I decided to paint my flat instead.

can have
was able to
could have
was able to have


10  The police ran after the burglar, but she __________ get away from them.

was able to
has been able to
was being able to


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